We are always interested in recruiting people into our research group. Our research is diverse, tackles fundamental questions about social biology, and has strong connections with research groups at other institutions. So, how will you fit? Will the training you receive meet your goals? Will you bring ideas and skills that will make you a productive member of SHOAL group? 

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Consider joining us as an Independent Research Fellow. Here is a list of more than 170 funding agencies offering postdoctoral research fellowships in the biological sciences, compiled by Dieter Lukas. Andrew provides support in writing applications and would love to hear from you! During your time with SHOAL, Andrew will provide whatever support necessary (except loads of funding) to ensure your time in the group is a success. Fellows working with SHOAL can also get involved - as little or as much as they wish - with supervision and mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and with teaching within the Department. 


PhD Studentships

If you are interested in doing a PhD with SHOAL, then contact us with a CV and a brief cover letter outlining your interests and research skills (see this from Lucy Hawkes on how to contact potential supervisors). We sometimes have advertised studentships, but more often potential students need to identify potential funding sources that we then apply for. Andrew meets his PhD students regularly (normally weekly) and works very closely with PhD students to develop their research. Publication of research results in peer-reviewed journals is encouraged, and most students produce 3-4 first-authored published papers from their dissertations.

MRes Biosciences

Andrew is Director of Swansea's successful MRes Biosciences programme, and SHOAL supervises 1-2 MRes students each year. If you are interested in our MRes Biosciences programme take a look at our webpage. Andrew meets his MRes students regularly (normally weekly) and works very closely with them  to develop their research. MRes projects normally feed into publications in peer-reviewed journals, on which MRes students are co-authors. Excellent students are mentored to produce first-authored published papers from their dissertations.

Internships and Field Assistants

Most years we advertise for field assistants and/or internships to help with our field and laboratory research projects. The Royal Society for Biology provides a handy list of links to organisations that provide funding for undergraduate internships. If you are interested in getting involved with our research, please get in contact


We celebrate all achievements and have regular 'exchange meetings' with Dr Fürtbauer's lab