We are lucky to have fantastic colleagues at Swansea University. Below are our major collaborators.

Ines Fürtbauer
Mark Holton
Phil Hopkins
Rowan Brown
Rory Wilson
Emily Shepard
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Supported by dedicated funding (and often without any funding!) SHOAL brings together world-leading academics to deliver new research projects, joint grant applications, academic networks, and publications. The Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa (iCWild), University of Cape Town, is a major international collaborator. Below, we provide brief information and links to iCWild and a list of our amazing current and past collaborators and institutions.

iCWild is an inter- and trans-disciplinary community dedicated to mitigating human-wildlife conflict, improving human well-being and protecting biodiversity in Africa.


iCWild seeks sustainable, cooperative solutions to conflict by conducting problem-driven research, engaging with key stakeholders to influence policy and practice, and building the capacity of conservation researchers and practitioners.

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current and past collaborators and institutions